Financial Advisory Consulting, Debt & Capital Management

Jones and Young has provided millions of dollars in savings and profit for clients.

  • We advise clients on how to structure debt, restructure existing debt and refinance debt.
  • Jones and Young prepares financial plans and strategies. Bond counsel and underwriters do not.
  • We provide a complimentary Financial needs analysis to create a strategy to relieve debt.
  • Assists client with capital needs including safety vehicles and road repairs.
Grant Writing

Over 20 years experience writing grants.
With millions of dollars of secured grant funding.

  • We find the grants by attending meetings and networking.
  • Jones and Young writes the grant applications.
  • We prepare presentations, trains client to deliver presentations or we deliver presentations for our clients.
  • We also manage your due dates and other reporting requirements.
Labor Negotition
  • Seasoned team of labor negotiators.
  • Successfully negotiated hundreds of labor union Ccntracts for both Private and Public Employers.
  • Jones and Young prides itself on thorough background research and preparation. This enables us to set the stage for successful negotiations.
  • Jones and Young’s methodology insulates the employer.
  • Jones and Young provides employers with multi-level disciplines and guidance backed by legal counsel.
  • Jones and Young provides H.R. and employee compliance services.
  • Jones and Young provides Safety and Safety training programs.